Interim Management in medical technology, healthcare and hospital managementis an efficient and temporary instrument for dealing with staff vacancies, overcoming bottlenecks at management level and responding with precision to a need for specific expertise.

I am an Interim Manager –
on call for your company

Expert in medical technology
and hospital management

My work as an Interim Manager focuses on the following areas:
  • General management
  • Change and crisis management
  • Realignment and implementation of strategic concepts
  • Product development and portfolio management, innovation management
  • Establishment and reorganization of sales and service  institutions
  • Covering staff vacancies at 1st and 2nd tier management level
  • Staff management, team organization, personnel development, coaching
  • Restructuring & reorganization

As an “on-demand manager” with many years of management experience, I offer flexible, versatile and, if need be, short-term solutions to meet your specific company needs.

I initiate developments and drive them forward in the long term, introducing the necessary measures and implementing them – always working in close collaboration with you and your team.

As a reliable partner, I assist and support you before and during different phases of a project or change processes – and afterwards, if need be, as well. From my perspective, my assignment is only completed once the foundations have been laid for successful continuation on a structural and personnel level.

My deployment is temporary,
but the success for your company is lasting.