Head of International Sales, Strategy and Organizational Consulting and Vacancy Bridge Head of Product Management for DMG Dental-Material Gesellschaft mbH

“All the objectives pursued in the two mandates have been achieved. Ms Klafke has always performed her duties with great care and commitment to our complete satisfaction.

I have come to know Mrs. Klafke during our cooperation as an extremely reliable and competent person and have appreciated her for that. She is pleasantly uncomplicated and always friendly in her personal dealings. Even in stressful situations or under pressure, Mrs. Klafke seems to be able to keep an overview effortlessly. In addition, she has a very high level of professional competence that is second to none.

I consider Ms Klafke to be exceptionally qualified and can recommend her to any potential client without any reservations”.

Susanne Stegen, Managing Director of DMG Dental-Material Gesellschaft mbH

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